GRAVITY Co., Ltd. (also known as Gravity Corporation) is a PH Ragnarok Online video game corporation primarily known for the development of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online.

The guild package system is to encourage more guilds to come up and also to serve as a good starter kit for new guilds that join here. This also means that existing players can form a guild together and apply or just join a guild. The Guild has to pass Staff approval and thorough checks to make sure players who might have received the package previously do not get it again.
  • The Guild must have a minimum of at least 10 members.
  • All members must be level 99 trans job.
  • Only the GM team reserves the right to approve the guild for the package.
  • You need to apply here with the following form to be considered for the package.


  • Guild Name:
  • Guild Leader:
  • Guild Emblem: (Optional)
  • Guild Member(s): Must be their In-game name plus every member must join in our FB Group.
  • A brief introduction about your Guild:
  • Screenshots of your guild with all its members
  • Any other information you want to share

note: All applicant must read and know the rules before applying.     ~Midgard Team
 [ 10 members ] note: per member

Guild Package Member Box (All items are account-bound)

  • 1x White Valkyrie Set
  • 50x Genesis Supply Box
  • 10x Field Manual Box
  • 10x Job Manual Box
  • 3x Kafra Card Box (10)
  • 1x Food Supply Box (Consist of +10 Stat foods 5 Box Each)
  • 4x Agility Scroll Box (30)
  • 4x Blessing Scroll Box (30)

Guild Leader Box

  • 1x Guild Package Member Box
  • 1x Costume Guild Leader Crown
  • 1x Gym Pass Box
  • 1x Emperium
  • 1x Reset Stone
  • Guild leaders are responsible for the activity of the guild after package has been given.
  • MidgardRO staff will monitor the guilds that have gotten packages and logs will be taken. This is to verify whether packages were justified or not.
  • Guild leaders will have to explain themselves if there are cases in which we deem the packages were unjustified, e.g. guild disbanding after given package.
  • Current or previous guilds who got the old package will not be eligible for the new one.
  • Failure to comply will result in a severe punishment.
  • Please take note that guild packages are only IP basis. No dual IP!
  • If we deem you to be abusing this system, then you will be banned. NO EXCUSES! 
  • All the members in the guild can receive individual packages by applying here.
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